How to Access Service Menu on Samsung TV (Easy Steps!)

Service Menu on Samsung TV

Most people have no idea a secret service menu on Samsung TV exist. This menu unlocks hidden features with just a few easy remote clicks. 1. Understanding the Samsung TV Service Menu As an empowered user of your Samsung smart TV, it’s crucial to understand that your television set is more than what meets the … Read more

Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth? (Everything You Need to Know)

Do Smart TVs have Bluetooth?

Sounds like you are looking for a new TV. You’ve been surfing the internet and you’re wondering do smart TVs have Bluetooth? Most people want this special feature because it means everything in our house will be connected without wires. Do Smart TVs have Bluetooth? Most modern smart TVs are equipped with Bluetooth to utilize … Read more

All Circuits Are Busy (How to Fix!)

All Circuits are Busy

Are you trying to make a phone call and keep getting the error message “all circuits are busy”? This is frustrating because you know your phone is working, but it won’t let you call someone outbound. This error can happen on any cell phone service provider no matter if it’s AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or any … Read more

Samsung TV Turns On By Itself (HOW TO FIX)

Samsung TV Turns On By Itself

Experiencing the frustration of a Samsung TV turning on by itself? This can be creepy and just frustrating. Don’t worry, we’re going to walk you through effective troubleshooting to address the issues and regain control. Samsung TV Turns On By Itself The first thing you should try if your Samsung TV turns on by itself … Read more

How to Fix a Broken TV Screen (HONEST ANSWER)

Broken TV Screen

Dealing with a broken TV screen can be frustrating. If you keep calm and navigate the situation, you may be able to salvage your TV. However, most of the time if you have a broken TV screen, you are out of luck. The best case is your TV is still under warranty. If not, you … Read more

Samsung TV Black Screen of Death (HOW TO FIX!)

Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

Are you experiencing the dreaded Samsung TV Black Screen of Death? One moment you are catching your favorite show, and the next your TV is a black screen. It can be frustrating. You’ll feel hopeless. But good news, this issue has affected many Samsung TVs. Most of the time, it occurs when your TV is … Read more

4 Best Uses For Smart Plugs

Mobile Phone Smart Plug

Are you wanting to find the best uses for smart plugs to make your home smarter? They’re an inexpensive way to add automation to your home without investing in smart home systems. Smart Plugs can be used to control anything in your home from lights, coffee makers, appliances, or your clocks. They can be programmed … Read more

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On (SIMPLE FIX!)

Samsung TV Won't Turn On

Do you have a problem where your Samsung TV won’t turn on? It’s probably not a huge deal. Samsung technology is high-tech, but also fragile. I bet we can fix it. The first thing you should try is power-cycling your Samsung TV. To power-cycle your Samsung TV, you need to unplug your tv power cord … Read more

How Big Is The Box For a 70 Inch Samsung TV? (ACCURATE)

Measure Samsung TV Box

Are you looking to buy a TV and wondering how big is the box for a 70 inch Samsung TV? When it comes to buying and transporting a 70 inch Samsung TV, one important factor to consider is the size of the box needed to safely package and transport the television. If you know the … Read more

LG TV Won’t Turn on (SIMPLE FIX!)

LG TV Won't Turn On

There is nothing worse than sitting down to watch Sunday golf and realizing your LG TV won’t turn on. It can be a frustrating experience but don’t freak out immediately. There’s a good chance you don’t need to call a technician just yet. In this guide, we will explore a few things you can try … Read more