About Me

Hey! I’m Nick! I am the founder of Hand Holding Tech.

I work in the tech industry, so I help people diagnose and fix tech issues every day. It’s part of my life. Most of the time when I Google something to help someone fix an issue, the writing is vague and doesn’t help me fix my problem.

I’m on a mission to fix that. I want to help everyone figure out their technical issues.

Working in the tech industry professionally for 10 years, and troubleshooting tech for 20 years, I have a good idea of how to make something work.

Editorial Notes

I personally handwrite all of my content. This is my content. These are not generated by AI and they never will be.

This is human written, human edited, and human published. I have extensive writing and editing knowledge. My goal is to make the guides as clear and conscise as possible.

If the writing does not meet standards, please feel free to email me at nick@leangeekmedia.com.

Do you have a topic or issue you want me to cover? Feel free to email me that too!